• Basement Remodeling

  • Basement Remodeling in Akron Ohio

    Many people are realizing that remodeling the basement in our homes is one of the biggest common-sense actions we can take. It is vital that we prepare well ahead of time, to be sure we keep our property performing at its highest attainable level of value in the housing market today. Adding value such as an exercise room, a complete guest apartment, a man cave or an entertainment room, this value will be added permanently to your homes resale value. The right design ideas can make a very big difference when resale values are being considered.

    Holland Remodeling and Building: Prepares and Repairs Akron Homes

    We are always grateful for family and friends. At Holland, we make your precious family home and property our priority. We communicate thoroughly and completely so that no confusion occurs. We document projects and do regular checks for satisfaction during our efficient delivery. We perform a final walk-through so that each aspect of every project is carefully observed and fully satisfactory before we consider it complete.

    Akron Ohio basement remodeling is a strong response for planning in ways that keep everyone, including all the precious things that go with your home– clean and well-protected during the orderly and effective remodeling project as it unfolds. We keep work areas protected and dust and dirt to a minimum during project delivery.

    If you live in the northeastern Ohio areas, call Holland to get an estimate on what it would take to enhance your property. We will do it in a manner that makes you one of the lucky ones. Homeowners realize real profits when well-designed homes are expanded and upgraded. Expand for your enjoyment now and for the time when the house will be eventually re-sold.

    Holland Remodeling and Building: Quality that Receives Awards

    Holland has received awards for quality and dependable and experienced craftsmanship with consistent delivery of good business practices from the Better Business Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce and the Best of the Best Award for Excellence.

    We have been delivering this quality for many years. Some of the services we deliver include:

    • Restoration Basement Remodeling
    • Basement Retrofit Remodeling
    • Basement Floor Remodeling
    • Basement Plumbing Upgrades
    • Customized Basement Remodeling
    • Paint or tile Basement Remodel
    • Faux Finishing Basement Remodeling
    • Basement Structural Remodeling

    We also provide:

    Foundation Assessment and Repair

    • Foundation Reinforcement
    • Storm Preparation and Repair
    • Water Damage Assessment and Repair
    • Foundation Structural Inspection
    • Storm Preparation Assessments