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  • From Useless Garage to Fun Tiki Bar

    Do you ever wonder what our team does when they aren't busy remodeling & improving YOUR homes?

    Here is a recent weekend project done by team member Bob Bucy & his wife Erin (also a Holland team member, and THE ONE WRITING THIS BLOG!)

    Our home, built in 1927, had a very small garage. Realistically, it was more useful as a shed. Garages in this time were built small, to house small Model T or late model vehicles. Therefore, this garage has been rendered quite useless in this day in age of SUV's and heavy duty pick up trucks.

    The garage, in desperate need of a new garage door, was no longer secure. Partly because of the age of it, but also because I may have thrown numerous basketballs through the windows. Oops! I can't seem to find a before picture of the garage.

    Living in the city doesn't allow for much privacy. My wild imagination (& love of pinterest) came up with a crazy idea to convert the garage to a secure "shed" in the front, and a cool tiki bar in the back. Therefore, it was called a "mullet" project for a short time. All business in the front, party in the back! haha!

    The first thing we had to do was take down the old, ugly, broken garage door. Next, Bob had to pour new concrete blocks for the foundation of the new wall. A few studs, and some OSB board.

    I like to reuse materials when possible. It saves money, and eliminates waste. Therefore, all the siding was removed from the back of the garage and rehung on the front. A new man door was framed and hung. Now you need a key to access Bob's tools! Finally!


    The next step was to cut out the new opening on the backside of the garage. Then a new wall was constructed 2/3 of the way back. More studs, and OSB. Wanting to keep the old feel of a tiki bar, Bob covered the new back wall with cedar shingles. They went up quickly and really give the bar a cool feel.


    The existing garage floor made of concrete was in great shape. The interior walls and ceiling were the rich wood look we were wanting. There was some silver paint on the ceiling and a few walls that we were able to powerwash off, mostly. The bit that remains adds character.

    We added a coat of mildew resistant stain on the cedar, and a coat of waterproofing on the interior walls to protect from the weather.


    Then comes my favorite part! COLOR! I wanted the colors of the bar to reflect what I imagine to be a fun tiki bar you'd find down by the ocean where palm trees sway. Somewhere cool and different. A fun place to hang out with our friends. I chose to shock the neighbors who live behind us and paint the outside of the bar a bold YELLOW!  Even cooler, from the front and sides, no one can tell the tiki bar exists!


    After pricing bar sets, we decided it would be cheaper and more unique to go ahead and make our own. Bob made this bar in a few hours time. Basically consists of treated 2x4, treated plywood and cedar pickets.

    Bob made 6 bar stools, completely from 2x4's! Have you ever priced bar stools? This was a huge economical save for us!

    I chose my color palette. Along with the yellow, I added a turquoise, a green, pink, orange, and purple. Each bar stool was painted a different color.


    I created these fun directional signs with leftover supplies from the bar. Places we have traveled, fun sayings, and perhaps most importantly...the name of the bar. THE FRIKI TIKI!!! I'm sure my neighbors love us, haha!

    12019835_10207714451247554_817802127742102815_n (1) - Copy11986921_10207714450767542_4247324573092920401_n

    The inside of the tiki bar has been fun to decorate. I'm not a fan of clutter, but a tiki bar calls for it! Kind of a neat change for me to clutter things up! Multi-colored Christmas lights hung along the ceiling tresses effectively light it up at night. Our fire pit is right outside the bar.

    Still to come, electric needs ran (using extension cord currently), ceiling fan, patio bricks outside surrounding fire pit, and most importantly this very cool bar top idea! We have had friends saving beer caps for us for months. We needed a total of 1,650. The plan is to grout them onto the bar top and pour a clear 2 part epoxy over top. This project will have to wait till spring since Ohio weather seldom cooperates!


    It's been fun to create. Just goes to show what a little imagination, and a talented guy can do. We now have a fun place to hang out with our friends, to sit by the fire, and best of all...we can turn the music up loud and you seriously can not hear it outside the bar!


    Have you ever wondered what you could create at your home?

    To be continued...



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