• Never gamble when hiring for repairs and the resolution of household problems. When hiring a handyman from Holland Remodeling and Building – you get a bonded, experienced and insured expert with up to date technical

    There is no faster way to show love and affection to your family than by calling exactly the right professional to take care of dangerous tasks like clearing ice dams on an icy roof.  training.

    Safety and Service Means You Can Relax

    Holland Remodeling and Building has been professionally handling the toughest household maintenance issues for over ten years.  No matter what task is needed—plumbing related issues, electrical problems, foundation or roof repairs – there is no such thing as a repair job we cannot complete to your satisfaction. Our efficient and cost effective approach delivers more than you expect.

    If you are having issues with ice dam back-ups in your roof or other drainage system, we can have it handled in the safest, quickest manner possible. Just call in the experts and allow your repair needs to be satisfied for the entire season.

    Professional Approach

    When using properly experienced, bonded and insured repair professionals, you understand this problem will never reoccur another time or day due to any kind of ignorance or neglect. Holland Remodeling and Building Technicians earned this reputation through fast, cost-effective repairs completed for those who know professionalism and long lasting, expert and well-organized craftsmanship.

    Years of experience with exactly the right kind of technical training makes every professional we send– exactly the right man for the job. Perhaps you have a need for drywall repair, roof shingle replacement, underground sprinkler unclogging or even foundation crack stabilization; the professionals at Holland Remodeling and Building understand the need for cost-effective guarantees. We excel at delivering totally effective and timely solutions for your household and property problem issues.

    Call 330-576-3895 for Any Akron Ohio Ice Dam Removal Needed

    For your Akron Ohio ice dam removal or any other repair needs– know you have experienced, bonded and insured repair technicians who will focus on the lowest-cost approach to solving any repair need you can throw our way.