• New Home Construction

  • The Process

    Phase I: Design

    Good buildings begin with good design. In the Design Phase we

    • Work with clients to determine their needs, wants and budget
    • Encourage clients to bring all their ideas to the table, no matter how costly they think they may be
    • Research costs vs benefits for all building components – all energy systems, all natural resource use systems, all construction methods and materials.
    • Educate clients about the benefits of green building
    • Review codes for location and building type
    • Advise clients regarding land purchase and situating the home for maximum solar benefit
    • Assist clients in interviewing surveyors, architects, planners, interior designers, contractors and subcontractors, engineers and landscape architects to find the right fit for both the client and the construction team
    • Create schematic design that fits the budget
    • Obtain funding for the project

    Phase II: Pre-Construction

    Once we have considered all the options and identified all the elements of the project, we finalize all the components. In this Pre-Construction phase, we act as the client’s representative to:

    • Assemble the building team
    • Negotiate with the building team members to obtain the most favorable financial terms and determine the timeline for the project, saving the client both time and money
    • Develop blue prints and working drawings for all systems
    • Create a comprehensive materials list
    • Finalize the budget
    • Sign all contracts
    • Obtain all necessary permits
    • Create the client’s To Do list

    Phase III: Construction

    With everything in place we begin construction. During this phase of the project we:

    • Maintain weekly contact on site and/or through email and phone calls with the client, building team manager, and subcontractors as needed to keep the project on schedule
    • Review any change orders with the client and affected contractors
    • Maintain quality control
    • Take corrective action when needed
    • Arrange for and attend all required inspections
    • Accompany the client on a final walk-though

    Phases IV: Occupancy

    Once the building is completed and all inspections have been completed, the client is ready to occupy the building. As part of our contract with the client, we provide:

    • Preventative maintenance services for the first year
    • Inspection of the envelope of the building
    • Twenty-four hour emergency service for all systems