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  • FHA 203k Loan Contractor for Akron Ohio

    Before and after pictures are used to tell great house and home stories. Especially when streamlining your remodeling or renovation project to fit with your Akron Ohio FHA 203k loan. It is difficult to see the impact of, say, a bathroom remodeling project without having seen how bad it was before the remodel or renovation. This is the reason many home buyers haven’t actually seen the power of most FHA 203k home improvement loans.

    With an Akron Ohio FHA 203k loan, it is common to roll the cost of a new bathroom, kitchen renovation project or basement and foundation repair directly into the mortgage paying for the home itself.  When done properly–It is even possible to finance the repairs that make the home financeable for the buyer.

    Qualifying your Remodeling Company for your FHA 203k Loan

    Smart buyers who use this approach always appreciate everyone at Holland Remodeling and Building who help make ends meet by allowing the loan process to go through completely, and will often wait for months before they expect their construction project payment.

    One call to the authorized contractors at Holland and every project the home needs can be completed by a single contractor who streamlines process, ideas, payments and delivery together in a low stress manner.

    This scope and combination of projects really helps show real estate agents, builders and buyers just what the FHA 203k loan can do for residents of Akron Ohio. The property can be a Fannie Mae foreclosure. Borrowers choose the FHA 203k due to its low down payment option.

    Realtors are saying this FHA 203k loan option is great for a lot of homes in today’s market. When people do not understand the process of the FHA 203k loan they tend to shy away from them. This is not necessary when you have skilled and informed support people like the professionals at Holland Remodeling and Building. The program is a win-win for everyone.

    Work with skilled and authorized Akron Ohio loan officers who connect you to contractors like Holland who are deeply knowledgeable about the renovation loans and remodeling business. You put these things together, and magic happens for your new home.

    Get excited about the benefits of this Akron Ohio renovation loan program. In summary, it really is a great win for everyone involved – from Fannie Mae, Fannie Mae’s Listing Broker, the Realtor, the buyer, the buyer’s Realtor, the general contractor and the myriad of subcontractors who also benefit from someone utilizing private dollars (FHA 203k mortgage monies) for their renovations.  The community as a whole benefits, the surrounding property owner’s benefit—it just goes on.

    Click the link to see a full FHA 203k loan project and access a link to the guidebook and to view videos.