• Siding

  • Siding is the external home dressing that aims to safeguard from the effects of a harsh climate. Apart from this, it gives your home some much needed elegance and attractiveness. In this regard, it forms one of the most significant areas that one can perform based on their preferences. Basically, it is designed to cover the whole building by closing the joints together through a good interlocking program together with a rabbet. There are various types of siding available in the market today. However, the four most common types are wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel siding.

    Wood siding

    Wood is one of the materials that offer natural beauty to your home. Furthermore, it provides homeowners with more aesthetical options, since one could choose to go with channel siding, batten siding, lap siding and even tongue and groove siding. In order to give your wood siding the right finish, you can choose to stain and paint the wood. However, it’s important to remember that wood siding requires regular maintenance, considering the fact that it is easily affected by rot, mildew and moss growth.

    Vinyl siding

    This is a common type of siding in homes due to its affordability. Its maintenance is also easy and the material does not get affected by rot, termites or mildew like wood siding. Furthermore, it does not crack or chip, thus making it much durable. However, its repair is complex and may require replacement in case they get damaged.

    Aluminum siding

    This type of siding is much more durable compared to both wood and vinyl siding. Furthermore, it is water and fire resistant, light weight and won’t be damaged by insects or rot. Its maintenance is also simple, since it only needs to be washed once a year with water and a detergent. However, it is susceptible to dents, especially from hailstorms.

    Steel siding

    Steel is a strong metal and thus makes durable siding due to its thickness. This is appropriate for people who live in dynamic weather conditions. It is resistant to dents and can therefore withstand harsh weather conditions.

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